Annemarie Maes
solo show

8 - 23 April 2021
PILAR House for Art & Science, Brussels

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‘Sensorial Skins’ presents AnneMarie Maes’ investigation on the sculptural potential of everyday organic materials, transformed by the artist into fabrics, membranes and biofilms. These Sensorial Skins are membranes, complex surfaces of contact, that arouse the sense through their materiality, their textures, their colours, theirs smells.

In AnneMarie Maes’ work, bacterial grown skins become the primary material for soft sculptures; ever-evolving biomaterials writhe, shrink, harden or soften in response to the environment humidity and temperature; dry and processed macro-algae are woven into new fabrics.

Sometimes, they emerge from the collaboration between the artist and microorganisms, sometimes they result from combinations of biomaterials, processes reminiscent of an alchemical practice grounded in fieldwork and scientific methodology.

These skins are interfaces between the human and the non-human, the macroscopic and the microscopic, becoming sculptures and installations that transform the natural in the cultural.

Sensorial Skins evokes the alchemical element of the earth, plunging the viewer into earthly colours, materials and textures, composing the first chapter of a double exhibition that continues with Woven by Nature, taking place at iMAL - Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology from 29 April to 16 May.


all photos © Silvia Cappellari